Hair Extensions

The salon offers 2 types of hair extensions 

we offer micro loop extensions and a new technique called hook and latch. Both use silcone based micro loops but with different application methods.

Both these methods  uses no heat at all but yet gives you long lasting, weightless, permanent extensions without the damage. Both are completely safe for the natural hair. Other techniques threaten the health of the hair by causing it stress and pulling it out upon removal. Micro rings remove this risk method. Micro rings are a way to extend the natural hair without using complicated sewing or messy glues. Customers and hair stylists love the technique, because not only are micro ring extensions easy to install, they are also lightweight and flexible.

The other benefit to using and help keep the hair healthy and vibrant. Method These lightweight, almost invisible rings are applied to your own hair, the extension is then clamped tightly inside ring holding it securely to your natural hair.

Rings are tiny and will not be seen through your own hair. I strongly recommend you have a free consultaion  to decide which method is best for you. No type of extension is suitable for everyone, they all have good and bad points. But from my experience, these extensions are reliable, cost effective and very popular with the vast majority of my clients.