The galvanic face spa and body spa use little impulses to push the products into the skin, they are 5 times more effective than any other anti ageing products as you can achieve instant results in just one session !! Most people will notice a difference after only 15 minutes of treatment, Others will require a few sessions it just depends on your skin and problem area.
The galvanic spa stimulates, purifies and refreshes the skin and reduces the visible signs of ageing. Not only does it improve the signs of ageing but it also diminishes the appearance of fat, cellulite and stretch marks. This smoothes the skin for a slimmer more toned look as the vibrations from the current breaks down the fat deposits. This was recommended by the t.v show Embarrassing Bodies

We also supply other Nu skin products such as the A.P Whitening Tooth Paste and Epoch Mud Face Mask. Please contact the salon to place and order or for more information.